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Weddings can get complicated. Very complicated; if you let them. Reduce your stress and cost by having a minimalist style wedding.

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Over the past decade, weddings have become more extravagant and over the top.
The two main trends that have taken over weddings in the past 10 years have been:

 1. Vintage Rustic

This wedding theme often incorporates vintage items, old wood, tree rounds, burlap, mason jars, and often involves thrifting to find such items.

2. Ultra Elegant

This wedding theme incorporates lots of lush flower arrangements, crystals, specialty lighting, draping fabrics, and lots of candles.

These two wedding trends both involve a lot of "stuff." More, more, more. More time, more energy, and more money overall. This era of bride has really had a complicated job. I am hoping that the new wedding trend of Minimalism will help us all: brides, families, and wedding vendors!

Minimalism DOES NOT have to be modern. I am a minimalist but do not consider my style to be modern at all. Following the K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple sweetheart) method while planning should help you to achieve a minimalist wedding.

Think Smart
When you have less elements to your wedding, you are greatly reducing your stress levels. Having less stuff= less stuff to worry about. It usually also helps you save money! Let's say for example that you were going to have a vintage rustic wedding. Here are a few things that you would need to worry about:
1. Finding vintage items (thrifting, etc. & then cleaning and storing those items)
2. DIY centerpieces (books, tree rounds, burlap, lace, flowers, mason jars, etc)
3. Several banners & bunting
4. Dessert table (cake, cupcakes, pies, cookies, etc.)
5. Mismatched furniture pieces (finding and delivery/pickup or having friends and family move it)
6. Haybale seating, pew benches, or mismatched chairs
7. Aisle decor (mason jars, tree stumps, galvanized buckets, burlap bows, etc)
8. Making or finding chalkboards (who's going to write on them and what will they say?)
9. Alter (vintage doors, ladders, diy arch, etc)
10. Home cooked food or catered (bbq or diy)

These are just a few things to think about.

A Minimalist wedding lets you truly enjoy your day and keep what is important in focus: your marriage.


Chairs & backdrop or alter. Finished! You really don't need an aisle runner or flower vases down the aisle. Let your guests focus on the both of you. Your expressions and the way that you look at one another often brings tears to their eyes. Work with your venue space! Does your venue have a beautiful and natural backdrop outdoors or a twinkle light curtain indoors (we do!)? Use the space to create a backdrop. You can also use the chairs that your venue provides or upgrade, since you are saving money anyway. Choose to splurge on the things that are important to you.

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Try one type of flower and one color per bouquet or two colors of the same flower to keep it simple and cohesive. You could also have the bridesmaids hold just 1 flower or a candle. 


Bridesmaids are a traditional wedding staple. However, the new trend of having no bridesmaids is making headway. For a minimalist wedding it would make sense to subtract the use of bridesmaids but if you truly want them, then make sure you simplify their attire. Try single colored and patterned dresses with simple jewelry and natural looking makeup. The same goes for the groomsmen, if there are any, simple attire and fitting with the venue.

Wedding Dress

Choose whichever style of dress fits your body type, but keep it simple. If you must have lace or beading make sure it is a small amount and not covering the whole dress. 

Hair, Makeup, & Accessories

Try keeping your hair smooth and natural looking. You can try wearing it down, half up, side pony, or a low bun would also work very well. Avoid over the top braids and curls. If you are going to wear a hair accessory keep it simple by using something such as a statement flower. Statement accessories are very chic, and what a perfect way to accent all of your minimal efforts. 

A statement necklace would be perfect for your simple wedding dress and hair. A lot of brides make the mistake of wearing a statement necklace with a detailed dress. Combining a statement necklace with a detailed dress creates a cluttered or gaudy look. If you are going to use a statement accessory stick to one piece only. If you have a statement necklace, pair it with simple earrings and vice versa. 

Veil or no veil? I personally would not use a veil for this style of wedding, but if you are wanting to keep the tradition look, find a very simple fingertip veil with no lace or other decor. 


Simple white wedding cake with clean lines works wonderfully. Try adding a large flower or two in white or color. You really do not need to complicate things by trying to do a whole dessert display. Try a small table with a couple of candles or a wine barrel. Keep your focus on fantastic tasting cake!


Keep all of the centerpieces the same color and style. You can very different vase sizes and shapes as long as they are the same color and made of the same material. You can also use different types of flowers as long as they are the same color. If you do not want to use flowers, try various glass vases with floating candles. 

Place Settings

A basic place setting would be just fine. Water goblet, plate, fork, knife, and napkin are plenty for each setting. If you wanted to get more elegant you can add a bread plate and wine glass, but it isn't really necessary. You may also want to have your plates, napkins, and silverware available at the buffet. Some tables are so pretty they just don't need settings.

Invitations & Signage

Plain white invitations with simple typography work great. You could also use single colored invitations instead of white. Keep the writing straightforward and to the point. You can print wedding programs and menu's if you want or you can print a large program or menu sign and put it in a frame on an easel. 

Seating Chart….Yay or Nay?

I personally do not like to have assigned seating at weddings. I want the guests to be able to pick a spot that is comfortable for them and to be around people they will enjoy being with. Having no seating plan also takes a lot of stress off of you. Tracking down RSVP's is enough to deal with, let alone trying to figure out who they should belong next to, if they are bringing a significant other, and potentially having to divide families if there is not enough room at the table. Free seating for all!


I have spoken about favors in our Simple Summer Wedding post. I really think they are not necessary; a waste of time and money. 

So there you have it…….How to have a minimalist wedding. 

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