Creating Your Perfect Centerpiece


Centerpieces are a very important part of your wedding decor as they are at every guest table and make up a large portion of the decoration itself. They can set the "theme" for your wedding. Choosing your centerpieces can even get you on the right track to truly making decisions on what colors and items you would like incorporated into your wedding. When thinking about centerpieces and your wedding in general think about what you really love. Choose items that inspire you and reflect your personal style and taste. Sit down and write out items that attract you; that move your emotions. Whether the emotion you feel about that item may be inspiration, relaxation, contentment, etc., this exercise will really help you get to know yourself as a person and help you to create a wedding that truly reflects you. There are so many great ideas that sometimes your mind may get clouded and you may lose focus of what "you" really want.   For example here is a list of items that I really love and create emotion in me:

  • rain
  • pebbles
  • hot air balloons
  • clouds
  • bumble bees
  • honey
  • hydrangeas
  • dictionary art
  • umbrellas
  • twinkle lights
  • pink

So I would choose something or several things that I emote feelings toward the most. Based on my likes some of the centerpieces that would suit my taste would be these (customized to my liking):

Your favorite objects/colors usually reflect your favorite seasons. You could choose the date for your wedding based on the season you like but don't let season limit you. My favorite season is Spring and Early Summer. Some good color palettes for me and that I like are:

 Whatever you choose, you can incorporate the object or colors into the whole of the wedding, tying everything together. The most stunning weddings come from unique ideas designed with your distinctive taste.

I hope this helps you on the right track to creating "your" perfect wedding. Don't forget to ask your husband to be what he likes and try to incorporate his style. If not, at least get a grooms cake :)

I would love to see your list of likes and some photos that reflect your style. Please feel free to comment!

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