The Last Minute Plus One


It happens, you have a limited amount of space and budget flexibility to allow every one of your guests a plus one. But what do you do if you find you've received more declined RSVPs than you expected? Don't worry, you can still give the guests you didn't have the opportunity to in the first go-round their shot! You just have to approach it the right way.

  1. Be upfront and honest.

   If it's just a few weeks until your big day and the RSVP deadline has long since passed acting as though it is nothing can make it awkward for guests when it doesn't have to be. Be clear with those you're going to give extra invitations to. Being honest with them in saying you've found more room than you were expecting and that they're welcome to bring a plus one. This way you still have time to give your caterer a final head count without being charged an extra percentage.

  2. Do not tell them who they can or cannot bring.

 The last minute plus one could mean that the person you are expecting your friend or relative to bring could already be busy. You're essentially handing them a get out of jail free card in the sense that you hope the person they bring will keep them from being bored or not having anyone to talk to. If you are concerned that they will bring someone who won't know anybody or will cause a  stir, simply do not give the person a plus one.  One of the only times you could possibly over rule this category is if it comes up in conversation that they're seeing someone who you would like for them to bring and you can simply mention, "We have some extra room! Why don't you bring them?"

3. You can still be choosey.

  Although you do have some
extra room, it may not be the
best idea to let everyone you've
invited know. You should gauge
it the same way you did the first
time you sent out plus ones.
Prioritize, knowing someone
who's flying in probably won't
be able to arrange travel for a
guest last minute.

Linnea Paulina Photography

4.  Leave the invite open ended.

  You don't want to be too pushy with your invite, otherwise it might make them feel pressured or awkward. Leave them the option of bringing someone and always be understanding knowing they may not want to bring someone or they may not be able to find someone who is free. Understand that they may not take your offer at all and be just fine attending by themselves! Don't feel badly if they do show up on their own, know that that means they know they'll have a good time at your wedding without a guest of their own!
Best of luck!
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