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Planning a wedding includes a lot a checklists, help from family & friends, and possibly even some etiquette training. There are many preparations made to create your perfect day, but what are you supposed to do after the wedding? Many newlyweds are unaware of the list of important post wedding tasks. Here is a list of post wedding to-do's to help you on your way:

1. Decide what to do with your wedding dress.

While it's probably not the best idea to keep your wedding dress for your daughter (the style will be completely different by the time she gets married); there are several other options"

  • Have it professional cleaned and store it in a cool and dry place
  • Consign or sell
  • Donate to a great cause
  • Frame it
2. Leave reviews for your vendors

Your wedding vendors work very hard to make sure your wedding is awesome! They would love for you to let other brides know what a great job they did! Remember to not be critical with your review. These are real people with families and your review can make or break their business. 

3. Send Thank You notes for your wedding gifts

Make sure to send a hand written thank you card to each person that sent you a gift or left one for you at the wedding.

4. Change your last name

Make sure to update EVERYONE with your new last name. Social Security (first), drivers license (second), bank, work, insurance, etc.

5. Combine finances

Speak with your spouse about money and finances and set up a monthly budget that you can follow together. Starting this off early on will help you to avoid one of the most common things couples fight about: money.

6. Return borrowed items

Make sure to promptly return any items that you borrowed for the big day. Did you borrow a cake stand from your friend or jewelry from your mom? Stop by their house with the item and a thank you.

7. Finalize your wedding album

If your photographer is not providing you with an album, make sure you make one. Once you receive your digital wedding photos you can pick out your favorites and create a wedding book on Shutterfly.

Are there any must do's on your post wedding list?

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